Macaw Bucket Hat

$42 $60


Part of our Macaw Collection For Jamie Thomas. Skating through the streets of Oaxaca City, we found Jamie picking a path most peculiar, dodging in and out of the tiendas soaking up inspiration around every corner. His curated collection draws from our time in the squares and beyond the city limits, a memento from Oaxaca and its colorful spirits that beckoned us to explore.


  • Eco-Friendly Jamie Thomas Signature Bucket Hat
  • Recycled Polyester Hemp Stretch Blend
  • Floral Macaw Pattern
  • Sizes: S/M = 56/57cm, L/XL = 58/59cm


  • 48% Recycled Polyester 
  • 36% Polyester
  • 9% Hemp
  • 7% Elastane

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